VitalNext B.V., does not exploit its own research facilities, but relies on collaborations with and between research institutes, universities and other companies. It has, for instance, acquired research data and other proprietary knowledge in the field of DNA-damage -and its relation with ageing/degeneration- from DNage BV. These data are at the basis of Promanna, our first product, and are also being used to execute further studies, including in humans, in collaboration with the University Medical Center of Groningen. 
For the VitalNext programme we collaborate with TNO and Leiden University Medical Centre for the pre-clinical trails. For the clinical trail Wageningen University was our partner.  

VitalNext B.V. is interested in setting up additional collaborations both in early research as well as in ‘human intervention studies’ to expand the evidence base of our products and product candidates. We strongly support the publication of research data, but will, of course, always analyze the possibility of protecting their intellectual property, for instance by filing of patent applications or otherwise.