Galapagos technology

Galapagos contributes technology to the company that, traditionally, has been used to identify new drug targets or, indeed, identify new pharmaceutical product candidates. Basically, this technology makes use of primary human cells isolated from patients with well-defined physiological conditions. By screening large amounts of molecules for their effects in these cells –via a patented system- it is possible to find molecules that have a potential biological effect relevant to the physiological condition that is characteristic of these human cells. This screening system can be applied to existing compounds (for instance to better understand the biological action of nutritional ingredients) or to libraries of, as yet, unknown molecules. Once identified in the Galapagos systems the selected molecules can be further characterized through studies in experimental animals and/or human studies. Galapagos has built a strong track record in identifying new targets and drug-candidates as evidenced by the large number of licensing agreements with pharmaceutical companies.

Galapagos has contributed their technology on an exclusive basis, in our field, to VitalNext B.V. which is significantly outside the pharmaceutical field that historically have been, and still is, the focus of Galapagos. Further information can be found on