Dr. Rein Strijker

Chief Executive Officer

Rein was, until recently, CEO of DNage BV and before that member of the Board of Management of Pharming Group N.V. and Chief Commercial Officer. He left that position (May 2010) a few months before the spin-off of DNage from Pharming. Before the acquisition of DNage by Pharming he was CEO of DNage. Prior to DNage, Mr. Strijker has held various management positions at Pharming, GenPharm and Genentech Inc. in the USA, Belgium and The Netherlands. These positions included senior functions in R&D, Intellectual Property management, licensing and business development, finance and general management.

He was involved with and co-responsible for the development of two innovative biopharmaceutical products: Pompase (now called Myozyme and owned by Genzyme) for the treatment of Pompe’s disease and Ruconest (owned by Pharming) for the treatment of hereditary angioedema. He was also responsible for the development program of Prodarsan for the treatment of Cockayne Syndrome while at DNage. He served as the chairman of the board of Biofarmind, the Dutch foundation of pharmaceutical biotechnology and as a member of the supervisory board of the Life Science and Health program of the Netherlands’ department of Economic Affairs. He currently is member of the supervisory board of Biopartner Foundation Leiden and a member of the advisory board of the Leiden Bio Science Park. Dr Strijker received his Ph.D. at the State University of Groningen in the area of molecular biology.


Mischa Strijder

Chief Business Officer 

After studying law and physics at Leiden University, Mischa Strijder (born 1963) started his career in the pharmaceutical industry. He started his career as sales representative at Astra Pharmaceutica (today AstraZeneca), a research driven global company, active (in those days) in the area of respiratory, cardiovascular and anaestatic products. Within 1 year he became product specialist and after that he fulfilled various marketing- and sales functions, mainly working in the gastro-intestinal area. Before becoming a serial entrepreneur, Mischa worked a short time as global business development director for Excerpta Medica/Elsevier Science. As his main ambition was to become an independent business entrepreneur, Mischa took complete ownership of Nutramin in 2001.

In those days Nutramin was a distributor of mainly US produced food supplements, selling these products in Holland. Over the years, Nutramin was developed from a distributor into a brand owner, responsible for the research and development of distinctive natural products with scientific supported claims. Today Nutramin is focussing mainly on the professional, prescribing market in the Benelux and Germany. Besides being CEO of Nutramin, Mischa spends time to create a good business environment for companies selling natural products, supporting a healthy life. Therefore, Mischa is board member and chairman of NPN (Dutch trade organisation, with approx. 100 members including VitalNext) and deputy chairman EHPM (European trade organization, with approx. 2000 member companies). Mischa Strijder is a passionate yet disciplined and result oriented entrepreneur with a long and proven track record in the food supplement industry. Combining his experience, network and drive with the unique VitalNext products will position him to contribute to the future success of VitalNext and achieve the commercial goals.

Dr. Annemarie Rietman

Project manager

After completing the Bachelor’s programme ‘Nutrition and Health’ at Wageningen University in 2006, Annemarie enrolled in the Master’s programmes ‘Nutritional Physiology’ and ‘Nutrition in Health and Disease’ at Wageningen University. Additionally, she completed courses on Muscular Physiology, Sports psychology and philosophy at the faculty of Movement Sciences, VU University Amsterdam.

In November 2010 Annemarie was appointed as a PhD candidate at the Division of Human Nutrition at Wageningen University. The main topic of her PhD research was: to study the effect of dietary protein on lipid and glucose metabolism with implications for metabolic health. This research was a collaboration between Wageningen University, AgroParisTech and the Dutch Dairy Association. As part of her PhD thesis Annemarie visited the research group ‘Program in Nutritional Metabolism’ of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston U.S. Here she had the opportunity to explore the effects of circulating branched chain amino acids on glucose and lipid metabolism, especially focussing on body composition in a well-described population.  Thereafter, Annemarie worked as postdoctoral researcher in the research project of Professor Daniel Tomé on developing a stable isotope method to assess dietary protein quality.


Dr. Gerben C.M. Zondag

Senior scientific advisor

Gerben currently also serves as a part-time business developer in the Technology Transfer office of the University of Leiden (NL). He was responsible for the technological/scientific part of the DNage business development, initiation of research collaborations, writing of regulatory and grant applications, and actively involved in DNage’s research, (pre-)clinical programs, and expansion of DNage’s IP portfolio. Dr. Zondag joined DNage in 2006. Previously, he worked as Scientific Director and Manager Operations for a CRO (Baseclear B.V.), and as a senior scientist for Pharming Technologies.

Dr. Zondag has more than fifteen years experience in managing scientific projects and personnel and he is well-acquainted with Dutch biotech companies, research institutes, and TTO’s in the life science field. Dr. Zondag has a strong background in molecular biology and received his Ph.D. degree in Molecular Cell Biology from the prestigious Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam in 1998.