VitalNext  B.V.was founded in May 2013 by a number of experts in the fields of Life Sciences, Medical Sciences and the field of consumer products with health benefits. These include the University Medical Center of Groningen (NL), Galapagos NV, Nutramin BV, van Herk Ventures and Rein Strijker.

With this intiative the founders aimed to build a bridge between the world of life sciences on the one hand and the market for consumerproducts with health benefits on the other hand. They believe that there is a significant need for innovation and new products that will help us living longer more healthy. Not so much by curing diseases, but by preventing or delaying them. They are convinced that the combined knowledge and expertise of technology, medical developments and consumer markets will contribute to the worldwide increasing demand of ‘healthy ageing’.

VitalNext B.V. has embarked on preclinical and clinical development programs to generate value for its products. In the second half of 2017 the main elements of its program to develop an innovative medical nutrition (VitalNext) were completed and the product is now ready for outlicensing.