LRM invests in Vitalnext

July 14, 2016

Innovative medical nutrition to be tested in clinical study. Wageningen (NL)/Hasselt (BE), July 14th 2016. Vitalnext BV, a Dutch lifesciences company, today announced that it has strengthened its financial position by issuance of new shares to existing investors and to LRM who now has become a shareholder along with Van Herk Ventures, Hanzepoort, Galapagos N.V….

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Vitalnext has secured additional financing

February 25, 2016

Vitalnext has secured additional financing via a new share placement with its current investors and with LRM as new investor. LRM ( is an investment company that develops and stimulates economic growth in Limburg (Belgium). The vision of LRM is to take the lead through innovation, creativity and sustainable projects in Limburg. LRM targets all sectors and…

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VitalNext will present at Innovations for Health 2016 event

January 20, 2016

Dr. Rein Strijker, founder and CEO of Vitalnext B.V. will speak at Innovations for Health 2016 event. Innovation for Health is the premier event on healthcare innovations in the Netherlands. Dr. Strijker will speak about Healthy aging and the opportunities for life sciences. Many of the health problems in the last 20 years of our lives are of a…

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Promanna pilot study in humans finished

VitalNext has finished a pilot study in humans to further document the physiological effects of Promanna. The study took place in Groningen, The Netherlands and focussed on the effects of DNA-damage –and the inhibiting effects thereof by Promanna- on parameters and biomarkers are relevant to healthy ageing. The study was performed in healthy volunteers age 60 and…

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New project manager for Vitalnext

Vitalnext has appointed a new project manager: Annemarie Rietman (1985). In 2010 she obtained her Master’ degree in ‘Nutritional Physiology’ and ‘Nutrition in Health and Disease’ at Wageningen University. Thereafter, Annemarie started as a PhD candidate at the Division of Human Nutrition at Wageningen University. The main topic of her PhD research was to study the effect of dietary…

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